Eat For You


You’re probably thinking, ‘well who else would I be eating for?’ Well, you, of course. However I wanted you to think of all the premeditated eating plans that you’ve ever followed. All the fad diets that you’ve attempted. All the unrealistic diets that even the most professional of athletes would find challenging to sustain!

How are you meant to ‘get along’ with your diet if your diet doesn’t know anything about you? YOUR goals, short term and long term. YOUR ambitions. The foods YOU enjoy. The foods YOU loathe. YOUR weaknesses. YOUR level of activity. YOUR vocation. YOUR metabolism. YOUR past injuries and whether they still tend to flair up. The way YOU react to certain foods. Is it any wonder the diet you stumbled across or borrowed from a friend is not working for YOU??

We, as human beings are very unique. We are all individuals. Even twins have different preferences when it comes to food! So how could there possibly be a blueprint on HOW TO EAT FOR YOU? A much more rational approach is one with education as its foundation. With the amount of resources readily available to you I encourage you to educate yourself on the fundamentals of nutrition. Not only through my blogs but through your own research. Read journal articles, books, blogs, read, read and then read some more. Knowledge on things such as the importance of breakfast, what purpose different foods have, what foods compliment one another and how to avoid indigestion (one of the primary causes of fat storage) would be a far more valuable approach on how to eat FOR YOU.

Don’t stop there. Research the different training techniques that are out there. Maybe a couple of yoga sessions a week or 10 minutes of plyometrics is all you need to overcome a physical plateau. Learn about supplements, the different purposes that they serve and the products that would best suit your lifestyle.

Being equipped with knowledge will allow you to not only create an eating plan that serves your purpose, but just as importantly, allows you to make rational decisions when your environment changes. After all, in the developed world that is the rat race we live in, how can ONE DIET that has no room for error or no guidance for that ‘what if I’m not in my kitchen’ scenario ever really be SUSTAINABLE?

So get your spectacles out, channel your inner ‘nerd’ and start reading! For those of you that still insist it is too difficult for you to find the time to conduct your own research, stop your whinging and stay tuned…there will be plenty of education coming your way!

Moodi’s Training Philosophy


Time will pass whether you exercise or not, so why not use this valuable tool to help better yourself. Exercising not only improves the way we look and feel, but the older I get the more I appreciate the cognitive benefits that are a consequence of exercising. Don’t just go through the motions, but visualise where you want to take your body, establish a mind-muscle connection, and the feel good chemicals that your brain releases as a consequence of physical activity will be heightened beyond your wildest dreams.

I try and practice what I preach, and let’s face it, people don’t contact me to find out where they can get the best tasting pizza so I have to be motivated in order to motivate. I believe as long as you earn a meal everyday, through some form of activity (moderate-high intensity depending on how you are feeling), you will always be in shape. It can be swimming, tennis, yoga or lifting weights. Being active is more important than what you do to stay active. Adding clean eating and some core training 2-3 days a week only helps if you’re seeking a year round six pack.  I feel like I am only beginning to find my feet in this industry. Being able to educate the masses is a huge motivator for me to take on more and more.

You can’t get lean and ripped overnight. The good news is you can’t get out of shape overnight either. So when approaching nutrition with a specific goal in mind, don’t let anything distract you from that goal. When you’ve reached that goal, reward yourself with the occasional treat. It’s comforting to know that one slip up is not going to destroy all your hard work. Most importantly, enjoy the different naturally occurring foods that are out there. You won’t see your potential, physical and cognitive, unless you expose yourself and take advantage of the vast array of goodness and nutrients that nature has blessed us with. And don’t forget to #countnutrientsnotcalories.